Why Cloud Computing Is Important For Business

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February 28, 2020
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April 28, 2020

Why Cloud Computing Is Important For Business

In the last few years, you may have heard the term “cloud computing” more and more frequently. But what is cloud computing, and how can it benefit your company?


What Is Cloud Computing?


Simply put, cloud computing is the availability of computer system resources, especially data storage and computing power, without active management by the user (your company). Data centers make information available to many users utilizing the internet. Large clouds, predominant today, often serve multiple locations or users from a central server. Some cloud servers may be limited to a single organization or company; these are called “enterprise” clouds. Others are public. The goal of cloud computing is to allow users to benefit from multiple technologies without deep knowledge of any of them, both cutting IT costs and allowing users to access data faster.


How Does Cloud Computing Benefit Your Company?


There are many benefits to cloud computing for both large and small companies, which is why cloud servers are growing in popularity. The first is flexibility. Employees can access documents and data off-site or at home, enabling them to create a virtual office through any web-enabled device. This also allows for greater document control. Previously, if multiple employees were collaborating on a document they would have to send it back and forth as an email attachment. Now multiple employees can access the same document using the cloud. Increased competition within industries has forced companies to become quicker when responding to marketplace changes; imagine how instantaneous access to data and the ability to share it with collaborators could up your company’s game.


Several aspects of cloud computing have even greater benefits for smaller companies. Storing all data in a central location makes cybersecurity efforts easier and more cost-effective. Disaster recovery is also made easier. Cloud-based backup and recovery solutions save time, and there is no large up-front investment or 3rd-party expertise required, saving both time and money.


In general, cloud computing lowers IT costs overall. It is relatively low-cost and eliminates the need to purchase infrastructure such as new computers and hard disks. Additionally, automated software devices can run with cloud-based computing, and royalty fees are consequently reduced. Scalability is another benefit offered by cloud computing that can be especially useful for smaller businesses that are quick growing. It’s easy to upsize cloud capacity, so a growing company can easily add bandwidth. Conversely, if bandwidth needs to decrease, companies aren’t left with hardware they no longer need.


SingularisIT Cloudstations make cloud-based IT accessible to every business. In a world where our needs are changing and remote work for business is becoming a necessity in some cases, we offer a variety of customizable solutions. Contact Us to learn more about migrating your business to the cloud or optimizing your current cloud infrastructure.