How Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Can Benefit Your Business

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January 23, 2020
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March 31, 2020

How Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Can Benefit Your Business

For both small and large businesses, managing business tech is a sizable undertaking and one that can’t be ignored. In an increasingly digital world, businesses and clients rely on both internal and client-facing tech to operate. It is an integral part of virtually any business that can make everyone’s lives easier but can also cause major headaches. To reduce instances of frustration, technical issues, and even lost revenue, many companies rely on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to keep everything functioning smoothly.


What is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a type of cloud computing service where a third-party provider purchases, installs, and manages the data for your business. Often, this involves pay-as-you-go services that include storage, networking, and other digital resources.


Your business is responsible for paying for the necessary software, including your operating systems and applications, but your IaaS provider handles the larger infrastructure side of cloud computing. This includes managing, servicing, and supporting physical data center components such as servers, storage, networking, virtualization, cabling, and more.


The benefits of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)


One if the primary benefits of IaaS, and the aspect that often gets the most attention, is cost-effectiveness. Maintaining on-site servers and other infrastructure is costly, inconvenient, and can be a data security risk. Simply maintaining and updating the equipment is prohibitively expensive in many cases. Outsourcing that costly hardware is an efficient way to save money that can be better invested in your business. Additionally, it eliminates the need to hire an entire team to manage and maintain your IT infrastructure, as an IaaS provider will have their own team of highly-trained experts.


Utilizing IaaS also leads to greater flexibility and scalability of business tech. While this benefits any business, it is particularly important for companies that are growing or have an inconsistency in workloads. For growth, in particular, IaaS allows you to start with a certain level of infrastructure and slowly scale up as your business grows, without ever having to spend more time and resources than necessary. Because every business has unique requirements, the flexibility of IaaS allows every company to utilize the services and tools that are most important for their operations.


Unreliable and vulnerable technology infrastructure can be the downfall of even successful businesses. When your IT fails, it can halt operations and that downtime can be incredibly costly. In the case of a security breach like a ransomware attack, some companies will never recover. Outdated, on-site infrastructure greatly increases the chance of a security breach and loss of vital data. Cloud-based services offered by IaaS providers are regularly maintained and updated with the latest security protocols, greatly reducing the chances of downtime.


IaaS offers many benefits to any business by providing a flexible, cost-effective, secure, and convenient IT infrastructure. SingularisIT has the expertise to design a customized IaaS plan that addresses the current tech requirements of your business while also preparing for the future and facilitating growth and innovation. Contact us to learn more about our service options.