How to Future Proof Your Business IT

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January 15, 2020
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How to Future Proof Your Business IT

It’s common for today’s businesses to find themselves in an IT predicament — utilizing current technology and modernizing business IT is essential, but keeping up with fast-moving innovation is difficult. Advancements in technology happen so quickly that by the time a new system is implemented it may already be surpassed by newer technology. Fortunately, it is possible to avoid this cycle by future proofing your business IT.


Look to the clouds


One of the most comprehensive ways to future proof your business’ tech is to migrate to the cloud. Many businesses have spent considerable time and money on local, legacy systems. While that may have been a smart investment at one point, maintaining on-premise hosting and data is becoming increasingly costly. It also poses a security risk that is directly contrary to preparing a business for the future.


Complete migration to the public cloud is an option for some companies, but many opt for a hybrid cloud strategy, utilizing both public and private clouds. For example, a business may use a private cloud for internal data and communications, while a public cloud is more efficient and accessible for customer-facing operations. Or a public cloud could provide a backup system for when demand on resources is greater than what the company’s private cloud can provide.


A hybrid cloud strategy allows for both customization and scalability, as well as the ability to keep up with the latest tech without constantly replacing expensive hardware. The latest technology is readily available in a safe and secure environment. Utilizing the cloud allows your IT infrastructure to evolve in real-time as technological advancements are made.


Get mobile


The future is mobile and future proof businesses understand that mobility is a vital part of their business tech. Because the latest technology is at our fingertips 24/7, mobile technology is becoming increasingly important for business. Consumers, clients, and customers want to be able to access whatever they need from their smartphones touch screens. For operations, the ability for management and employees to do their job from anywhere using a variety of devices is convenient, efficient, and cost-effective.


It’s important to remember that as mobile technology becomes more prevalent it requires its own future proofing. Hardware and applications should not only be convenient and accessible but support the latest security features such as multi-factor identification and malware detection.


Emerging technology and regulations


Maintaining future proof tech is not just about the latest upgrades, it is also about keeping up with tech news and trends. There may be new tech on the horizon that is not yet widely used but will impact your business in the future. Being aware of future changes may influence current IT decisions and solutions.


Along with staying informed on the latest news and future tech, it is just as important to research current and future regulations that could affect your company’s operations. Laws surrounding privacy and data management change rapidly. Handling any potentially sensitive data requires levels of cybersecurity and data management protocols. It is imperative that a business maintains compliance in all areas to avoid fines or potential legal action.


Tackling the complex issue of business IT is a necessary hurdle. At SingularisIT, we understand that each client is unique. Contact us to learn more about cost-effective, customized solutions for your business.