White-Glove IT

When the Best Becomes an Affordable Alternative

What do we mean by White-Glove IT?

WHITE-GLOVE services are defined by meticulous care and attention to detail. At SingularisIT, we add the foresight and innovation of experienced technology leaders, industry leading quality standards, and cost-effective solutions.

We host all your IT resources in our data centers and MANAGE the entire IT infrastructure, including desktops, servers, networks, and more through our advanced IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

Our goal is to go beyond TROUBLE FREE IT, to deliver the technology support you need to advance your business in an increasingly technology driven, digital marketplace.

Our capabilities include core service offerings, like:

Name your challenge, and a SingularisIT Specialist will work to meet your needs in a timely, budget-conscious manner that you will rely on for years to come.

Flexible, Customized, and Comfortable

Let’s START AT THE BEGINNING. What IT issues, problems, or roadblocks can we help your business past today? We can begin where it makes the most sense for your organization and scale as needed.

Our goal is to provide you with solutions, support, and service that go above and beyond. Our 24x7x365 availability gives you the CONFIDENCE we will be there to handle any unforeseen issues and address all your questions when you need us!

Have in-house IT? Already working with another IT provider? No worries. You can call on us to add our strength to your trusted team, helping them past any challenge or taking on projects their busy schedule just won’t allow.

We can complement the best IT with cutting-edge, MONEY-SAVING services and provide project rescue for tasks that have fallen off track or gotten way behind schedule.


At SingularisIT, we can manage, maintain, and support your entire IT infrastructure for a flat monthly fee.


Many issues cannot wait.
Our 24x7x365 service ensures that you receive a fast response.


Build a relationship with a dedicated account manager.


Years of experience on a broad level
and a continual learning environment
have prepared our team to handle
the most challenging objectives.


Fixed flat rate fees provide the
opportunity to avoid any unexpected
IT expenditures in both the
short and long term.

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