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Enterprise Level IT Service that Grows Business

At SingularisIT, we take on TOUGH CHALLENGES for clients with multi-locational offices, thousands of stores, dozens of brands, and critical infrastructure needs where downtime is not an option.

For us, every client is our focus. We’ve grown to handle the big stuff, because we never lose sight of our dedication to providing SERIOUS IT solutions. We value our business relationships and our customer partnerships.

If you already have an IT consultant or IT service team you rely on, great!
Let us see where we can complement their excellent work and bring new insights and approaches that might just supercharge an already proven relationship.

We fit in where you need us to help your business grow.

Performance and Cost Advantages

Reliability and performance are two critical reasons companies choose SingularisIT, but did you know that our white-glove, high-quality approach offers COST ADVANTAGES too?

  • Infrastructure as a Service delivers cost-effective networking and server maintenance.
  • Remote Desktop as a Service can reduce your IT maintenance, equipment, and provisioning costs substantially, while giving teams easier access and improved collaboration abilities.
  • Our Backup and Disaster Recovery services save many times the small investment necessary every time they prevent or overcome a single system threat.

At SingularisIT, we respect your budget and your goals for business growth. We know you don’t want a cheap and sketchy approach, but even an affordable and reliable one must prove its ROI. Let us show you the numbers.

We look forward to partnering in the development of IT solutions that improve your business and your relationship with technology, year after year.

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