We partner with businesses to save time, money and headache while maintaining an enterprise level of service and knowledge.

WHITE-GLOVE services are defined by meticulous care and attention to detail. At SingularisIT, we add the foresight and innovation of experienced technology leaders, industry leading quality standards, and cost-effective solutions.

We host all your IT resources in our data centers and MANAGE the entire IT infrastructure, including desktops, servers, networks, and more through our advanced IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

Our goal is to go beyond TROUBLE FREE IT, to deliver the technology support you need to advance your business in an increasingly technology driven, digital marketplace.

On-premises hosting is not only a complex and expensive undertaking, today it has become a SECURITY LIABILITY of the first order. Your public facing services can easily become the backdoor to your network for hackers from around the world.

Our state-of-the-art facilities are powered by a dual utility power grid. We take every precaution to ensure biometric security, REDUNDANCY in all critical systems, an on-site Network Operations Center (NOC), and a team of qualified engineers is available 24/7.

The day of in-house IT and on-premises server assets is being challenged by affordable, scalable, CLOUD-BASED solutions.

Why purchase, install, and integrate hardware at your site, when it is easy today to spin up Virtual Machines with the operating systems and software you need to get that new project underway immediately?

Your employees and users can access new systems and workspaces using almost any Internet enabled device.

WHAT WILL IT COST your company if all or part of your data, productivity software, customer facing services, and employee collaboration systems go down?

If you think the risk is slight or inconsequential, you could be in for a shock.

Data backup means many things to many people.

To some it means saving important files to a thumb drive on a keychain. Others rely on cloud backup services. You may even have a tape drive system connected to your server for NETWORK BACKUPS.

Surprisingly few companies have a backup plan in case of disaster, and fewer still test their backup retrieval systems on a regular basis to see if they function correctly.

What if you could use any laptop, computer, or tablet to login to YOUR FAMILIAR DESKTOP, with all the settings, software, and files you rely on every day, just where you need them?

That’s the idea behind SingularisIT’s CloudStations.

The amazing thing is, it’s more practical and affordable than you imagine, with CONVENIENT ACCESS from anywhere Internet service is available.



Strategic Direction, Exceptional Insight

Our job is more than supplying technology services. We work to understand your business goals and learn your business needs. We follow up with sound, scalable solutions based on the direction you’re growing.

Already have an IT service provider you rely on? We can provide complimentary reviews, helping you and your existing service provider better meet the needs of your business as it seeks to grow and compete in 21st Century markets.

At SingularisIT, we help growing businesses overcome their IT challenges by providing the leadership and enterprise level service you’ve been looking for.



At SingularisIT, we recognize that Information Technology has the potential to supercharge business service, growth, and profitability. Today, IT is more than a maintenance service for servers, networks, and desktops.

With insight, foresight, and our passion for problem solving, we bring cutting-edge IT to the only challenge that really matters: helping you grow and improve your business or organization.

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