Telework and Remote Work Advantages and Solutions for Every Business

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Telework and Remote Work Advantages and Solutions for Every Business

In the face of uncertainty brought on by the recent worldwide health crisis, many businesses have had to quickly innovate solutions for keeping business running while many towns and cities have closed all but essential businesses. To limit the spread of COVID-19, workers all over the country have been staying at home. In many instances, people are still able to work, just in completely different circumstances.


Teleworking is not a new concept


Even before the current situation, it was estimated that up to 16% of the workforce was working from home at least part-time. In most cases, employees reported an improved work-life balance and greater overall job satisfaction when having the option to work remotely. With reduced commuting time, especially in congested areas, and a lack of workplace distractions, workers are able to spend more time on actual work. Because of that efficiency and focus, employers are finding that remote workers are often more productive and cost less to employ.


Despite the benefits of remote work, the fact that certain jobs are better suited to on-site work can not be ignored. For instance, jobs that require a higher level of collaboration may be difficult to perform in a remote setting; difficult, but not impossible. If the current situation has taught us anything, it is that we are capable of great things, even under the most difficult of circumstances. With the right tools, jobs that were previously thought to be on-site only are able to be done in a successful remote environment. Those tools include a remote work solution that is customized to each business’s needs.


Moving an entire company online in a matter of days or weeks is a difficult undertaking. But, with the right, expertise, infrastructure, and support, it can be done. There are a few elements that are important to any remote work environment:


  • Security: a remote work environment should be secure for both the user and business, providing the same level of data security as if work is being carried out on-site.
  • Communication: collaboration and communication are important for any team, and a cloud-based environment allows employees to collaborate, share, and access files in real-time.
  • Accessibility: a primary benefit or remote work environments is that they can be accessed from multiple devices, from virtually anywhere with an internet connection.


Remote Desktop as a Service (RDaaS) and your business


Remote Desktop as a Service (RDaaS) brings cost-effective, customizable, and cloud-based options to companies that want a seamless work-from-anywhere option. At SingularisIT, our CloudStations offer a simple and secure solution with a reduction in expensive hardware and software and an increase in mobility and scalability. Secured with exceptional virus and malware protection, backups, and redundancy, this reliable platform is quick and convenient. It’s simple to grow and reduce the size of your workforce with pay-as-you-go, user-based plans.


As we navigate the current crisis, flexibility is key in maintaining an agile and responsive workforce. Our Remote Desktop as a Service (RDaaS) can provide business continuity, now and in the future. Please Contact Us for more information.