How to Switch to Remote Work in 2023

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November 15, 2022
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January 9, 2023

How to Switch to Remote Work in 2023

The assumptions about how and where people work have evolved since the COVID-19 pandemic. Hybrid and remote working is now commonplace for many employees. It’s becoming an increasingly popular way for workers to perform their duties in the comfort of their homes.

According to Pew Research Center, about 59% of employees work from home most or all the time. This represents a 6% increase from 2020 to early 2022. Another 74% of workers have become more accustomed to remote and hybrid working due to health benefits.

Remote working is here to stay; this trend will increase into 2023 and beyond. Here are a few statistics that suggest so and steps businesses can take to leverage the trend.


6 Remote Work Trends for 2023 and Beyond


Remote working is the future of many businesses as it’s proving effective and productive. Below are the top remote working trends for 2023 and beyond experts talk about non-stop:

  • 60% of employees who used to commute are looking for a remote job to work from home. (Business Wire)
  • Employees who have switched to working from home are 47% more productive than those in offices. (Owl Labs)
  • Over 80% of employees who worked from home due to the coronavirus are planning to switch to hybrid working. (Office for National Statistics)
  • 50% of professionals working from home will resign if they’re made to return to working in the office full time. (Robert Half)
  • 35% of workers are willing to switch jobs if they can work remotely full-time. (Gallup)
  • Employees who work from home are 20% happier, and their well-being increases by 3% daily (Tracking Happiness)


How to Switch to Remote Work


Remote working offers multiple benefits, including improved productivity, employee well-being, and efficiency. No wonder many employees and businesses are increasingly switching to hybrid work to enjoy such benefits. Below are easy ways to help your business and employees move to remote working:


Foster Efficient Communication

Employees working from home rely on proper communication with HR to perform their duties well. Keep communication lines open so workers can contact your HR team whenever they have a question or problem. Show support by maintaining regular dialogues with managers and coworkers to boost their mental health and productivity.


Equip Your Employees Well

Not all employees have all the tools and resources they need to work from home. Don’t assume; instead, provide them with the right tool to help them do their jobs well. Give them devices like powerful computers to launch software sites required for their jobs or cameras for virtual meetings. With the right equipment, the employees will be better suited to perform their duties without technical problems and improve productivity.


Review Working Processes

If you’re new to remote work, you’ll need to re-evaluate most of your business processes to fit the trend. Adapt effective strategies for working remotely so employees can do their jobs without stress. This could include tools to structure HR procedures, facilitate the onboarding of new employees, and coordinate and monitor workflows in a remote working environment.


Leverage Remote Desktop as a Service

Imagine having a tool that offers employees all the files, settings, and software they need daily. That’s what Remote Desktop as a Service (RDaaS) does. It’s a unique, practical, and affordable tool that offers convenient access from anywhere with an internet connection.

A reliable RDaaS system lets you manage an excellent cloud-based experience for your remote workers. They only need to log in to start working from their homes. The tool is cost-effective as you don’t need to buy, install, upgrade, or maintain complex applications, laptops, or desktops yearly.


Get the Best IT Solutions for Remote Work Today


Thanks to its positives, hybrid and remote working are here to stay. Many employees and employers are massively switching to remote work to get the most out of the trend. To make the transition smooth and effective, work with experts at Singularis IT.

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