Four Simple Ways to Improve Cybersecurity for Your Business

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October 26, 2022
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Four Simple Ways to Improve Cybersecurity for Your Business

Cybersecurity threats are not going away anytime soon, so businesses must proactively protect their sensitive information and property. Your business’s most significant assets are also the most vulnerable to attack: your computers and data. No matter how much you improve your physical security, if your data isn’t well protected, you could face severe consequences in terms of money and reputation. Learn about the four simplest ways to increase your business’s cybersecurity today to protect yourself from cybercriminals tomorrow.


Enforce Password Rules


A straightforward way to improve your business’s cybersecurity is to use a different password for each account. If one account is compromised, hackers cannot access your other accounts if they only have your email password. Similarly, keeping passwords private and away from prying eyes (for example, don’t post them on Post-It Notes around your office) also helps ensure cybersecurity for your business. Use Stronger Passwords: A strong password combines letters, numbers, and symbols. Additionally, it should be at least 12 characters long; longer is better. When you create passwords for your business accounts, make sure you follow these rules.


Keep your Operating Systems Up to Date


Operating systems are the heart of a business’s cybersecurity. If your systems aren’t up-to-date, you’re in danger of vulnerabilities that can be used to hack into your network. That’s why it’s crucial for any business (especially those with sensitive information) to update its operating systems regularly. A general principle is to ensure your systems are updated every three months or so—but if a vital security patch is released, make sure you install it immediately. You should also ensure you’ve turned off automatic updates, so they don’t automatically install when they become available. These steps will ensure that your operating systems are adequately secured, but it doesn’t mean that all your cybersecurity problems have been solved. It would be best if you still protect yourself against phishing attacks by ensuring users understand how to spot them and not click on suspicious links.


Enable Two-Factor Authentication


No one can dispute the importance of two-factor authentication for cybersecurity in your business. It is the de facto standard for securing your online accounts. It hinders hackers from gaining access and logging into your sensitive accounts. Google, Apple, and Twitter—these companies all offer two-factor authentication, and yours should. It is a must if you want peace of mind that your data and business are protected as best they can be. The simplest way to enable two-factor authentication on your business’s website is by installing an app like Duo Mobile or Authy. These apps will then generate login codes every time someone logs in from an obscure device, making it much more difficult for hackers to break through security protocols.


Educate Your Employees


Educating your employees on cybersecurity is essential for the safety of your business. All employees should be familiar with your company’s cybersecurity measures and know what to do if they ever suspect a breach in security or come across any suspicious information. It can all be organized by creating a cybersecurity policy for your business. As well as educating your employees on how to handle cybersecurity issues, you must also ensure that you protect their privacy. Ensure that all your staff knows how their data is used and stored. You may also want to consider using an encryption service like Boxcryptor so that sensitive data cannot be accessed even if it falls into malicious hands.


The Solution


There are many ways to improve cybersecurity for businesses, but these four methods are some of the simplest and most effective. By implementing these measures, companies can reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and protect their data and systems. At Singularis IT, we aim to provide cost-effective, efficient, and successful IT solutions that enable the growth of our client’s businesses. Contact us today to secure your business.