6 Reasons Cloud-first is a Standard for Established Industries

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6 Reasons Cloud-first is a Standard for Established Industries

With customers’ high expectations and technology evolving at an unprecedented clip, the transition to a cloud-first strategy has an impressive upward trend. This is thanks to the pandemic period where most industries used a cloud-first strategy in their operation to try and thrive through it. Established industries used local software, storage devices, and servers in the past, which was slow and costly. However, cloud-first offers more improvement in overall industrial operations.



What is Cloud-first Strategy?


Cloud-first strategy is an evolution of cloud computing. It is an approach that considers cloud-based solutions when introducing or adapting processes before looking into non-cloud-based solutions. Read on to learn more about the benefits of a cloud-first strategy.



Benefits of a Cloud-first Approach



The cloud’s elasticity allows you to scale your resources on demand. You can handle a sudden influx of traffic or spikes in demand without upgrading hardware. This also opens new opportunities for experimentation with new technologies since you don’t need to make costly investments in hardware until they’re ready for prime time.

Cloud-first allows companies to grow their operations organically over time. When a business uses cloud-first technology, it can add more hardware without additional cost or effort to its IT department.



The cloud lets you choose how much workload you want to take on and how that workload needs to be organized within your organization. For example, if an app generates a lot of log data that needs to be stored somewhere secure, cloud-first is the right place to store it. It can quickly scale up and down as needed without impacting your business operations.


Data security

Data security is a big concern for businesses, especially in industries that carry sensitive data. Cloud-first organizations have a more secure and safer data environment than on-premises environments. They can manage the data flow between on-premises systems and their public cloud resources. This enables any data that employees access to be used only for authorized purposes.

Cloud-first security covers storage fires, lost files, data theft, and hardware failures. This keeps you confident that your business is safe. Cloud-first features that help enhance excellent security include cloud access management, data encryption, isolated networks, and more.


Better collaboration

Organizations that use cloud-first technologies can create a more collaborative work environment. Integrating third-party applications and software programs enables various communication options, such as email, phone calls, chat, or video conferencing. This allows employees to communicate with colleagues worldwide or across departments, reducing the need for travel time and expense.


Cost Efficiency

Cloud-first solutions are generally cheaper than traditional on-premises solutions. They allow organizations to scale up quickly without incurring additional costs associated with hardware upgrades or maintenance contracts. Cloud-first also saves on labor, hosting, and equipment licensing. Some cost reductions may be experienced immediately, while others are experienced in the long run.



Reliability is a key element for any tool used in industries. It allows the continuation of projects or processes even when disruptions arise. Cloud-first has a built-in backup that can allow an immediate overlay of information. This means that even when your data centers are disrupted, you can still retrieve them.



Your Ultimate Cloud-first Solution


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