How Managed Hosting Saves Your Business Time and Money

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April 18, 2022
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How Managed Hosting Saves Your Business Time and Money

IT is an integral part of every business’s operations. However, businesses don’t need rooms full of servers and IT experts working around the clock to run their IT systems. Managed hosting provides all required IT equipment and handles all technical IT management tasks off-site, including system hardware and software maintenance.

Managed hosting services are convenient for businesses looking to develop reliable IT systems, and they offer dozens of benefits over self-managed hosting. Here is an overview of how managed hosting can help save your business time and money.


Leasing vs. Purchasing Equipment


Ordinarily, you would need servers and other IT equipment to host and run your business’s IT system. This IT equipment is relatively expensive to purchase, install, and configure.

It is also worth noting that servers and other IT equipment are vulnerable to damage and become outdated over time, necessitating continuous maintenance and expensive replacements and upgrades. Managed hosting service providers lease out servers and other IT equipment at a fraction of the purchasing costs. They also handle maintenance, repairs, and upgrades.


Ready-Made IT Infrastructure


Your business would also need IT infrastructure to host and run the servers and other IT equipment. Most notably, you would need a server room fitted with a high-voltage power supply, powerful cooling systems, and other expensive infrastructure. It is also worth noting that this IT infrastructure takes considerable time to set up and requires continuous maintenance. Fortunately, managed hosting service providers also provide ready-made IT infrastructure, saving you money and time.


Minimizing In-House IT Staff Size


Ordinarily, you would need a large team of in-house IT staff to set up, maintain, and run your business’s IT system. Most notably, you would need a team of IT staff working two shifts to continuously monitor and maintain the in-house servers. You would also need a dedicated team to handle back-end and front-end software system tasks.

Managed hosting service providers have large teams of IT specialists in various fields working around the clock to keep everything running smoothly. To this end, they can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars on recruitment, onboarding, training, and salaries. It is also worth noting the ongoing shortage of IT job seekers and that these companies hire the most talented IT experts.


Reliable Cybersecurity Solutions


IT system downtime costs businesses about $5,600 per minute, albeit the figures vary depending on their size and overall reliance on their IT systems. To this end, businesses need reliable cybersecurity solutions to prevent potentially crippling cyber-attacks and disaster recovery plans to minimize successful cybersecurity attacks’ impacts.

Virtually every managed hosting service provider touts their cybersecurity solutions. These companies have enough capital and resources to invest in advanced, expensive cybersecurity solutions. They also offer continuous maintenance and monitoring to prevent other unrelated problems that could potentially cripple your business’s IT system.


How We Can Help


Managed hosting can save your business valuable time and money that you can use to advance your business’s overall growth. Managed hosting services also give you access to the best IT equipment and infrastructure, including highly talented IT experts on call.

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