Data Monitoring and Cybersecurity Tips for Business

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November 23, 2020
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Data Monitoring and Cybersecurity Tips for Business

According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Nationwide Insurance Company, over 68% of small businesses lack a contingency plan in the event of cyber-attacks. As long as your company has an online presence, which it should, you are vulnerable to all forms of cyberattacks. Disregarding the need for cybersecurity, data backup, and disaster recovery plans is a danger to the overall health of a business. Not only are the downtime repercussions of a cyberattack devastating, they can also cause substantial financial loss and even permanent closure of your business.


Secure Your Devices and Data


Encrypting important data is not only for the tech-savvy. Currently, there are tools that anyone can use to protect their businesses from attacks and malware. Filter your emails to detect phishing emails before they make it to your inbox. Also, consider using anti-virus software to secure the endpoints.


Data Backup


You may overlook data backup until disaster strikes. You need an upfront recovery solution in the event of hardware failure, cyber-attack, or human error. A backup plan involves data redundancy and regular backups of critical business files, as well as a way to deploy them in the event of a data disaster.


Create Awareness


When developing a security plan, you need to bring your employees on board. Human error is one of the greatest contributors to data breaches. Employees are your greatest assets but can also be your greatest liability. Training employees to recognize possible security threats should be a continuous process because new threats are constantly emerging.


Retain Customer Confidence Through Security


Impeccable customer service is the end goal of every business. It is vital to gain and reassure your customers that their personal information is safe with you. With customers’ data in the picture, data infiltration should be avoided at all costs. When a customer loses faith in your company’s security they may cease to do business with you. Maintaining the safety of your customers’ data will increase retention in the long term.




Sometimes suspicious activity may happen right under your nose. It may appear as an eye-catching pop-up, a harmless email from an address you recognize, or a misleading website link. Pay close attention to links, senders, and suspicious attachments when receiving any electronic correspondence. Large-scale threat monitoring systems may also be of benefit to your business.


We Can Help


Hacking and data disasters are not just an issue for large companies. Hacking and phishing is common among smaller businesses and is potentially more dangerous. A small business may not be able to recover from the financial loss caused by a data breach or loss, or a malware attack.

To keep your data safe, SingularisIT’s Comprehensive IT Solutions include Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). These services prevent financial devastation that can be caused by data disasters and cybersecurity threats. We ensure that your data is secure and that your business experiences little to no downtime in the event of an issue or breach, keeping financial loss to a minimum. SingularisIT can customize a plan to keep your business running smoothly and prepared for potential threats.