Long-Term Remote Work: Making it a Success

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Long-Term Remote Work: Making it a Success

It’s anyone’s guess as to whether COVID-19 will soon be gone; for the foreseeable future, remote work will likely remain in the forefront when compared to a traditional office setting. Fortunately, information technology has already been poised to make remote work easier than ever before, and many companies are discovering that not only are they surviving, but they’re actually thriving in today’s new working environment.


Flexible Work Schedules


Both employers and staff members have had to make some adjustments in order to accommodate work and home schedules. This may or may not include childcare considerations. However, almost 2/3 of employees still report that they feel at least as productive if not more so than when they were working in their former traditional corporate office setting. Employers understood that by allowing some flexibility, especially when it comes to childcare duties such as transportation to and from school, that employees were able to successfully manage both their professional and personal lives.


Flexibility Through Portable Technology


Remote workers soon discovered they didn’t necessarily need a separate home office in order to be successful. Portable technologies such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, meant employees could be productive virtually anywhere in the home.


Incorporating the Right Tools


Thanks to the rich availability of productivity and collaboration tools, it’s easier than ever to set up a well-functioning work environment for team members. Collaboration tools such as webcams and headsets, make it easy to stay connected with both management and other team members. Some companies find leaving a chat room open all day, allows team members to remain connected throughout their workday. Multiple video-conferencing tools make it simple to have both formal group meetings, or a one-on-one meeting. For those who require dual monitors in their former work environment, this same environment can easily be duplicated at home.


Stay Connected Through Communication 


Most employees want to feel as if they are still part of a team, so it’s important for management to find ways to keep employees feeling as if they are still engaged and connected with their group. Fortunately, both employers and employees are making this happen through the creative use of technology software and hardware tools. Between text, phone, web conferencing, chat rooms, group collaboration software that allows team members to work on the same documents, effective communication is as stable as ever.


Remote Desktop as a Service


Over 75% of researched companies are so pleased with their remote work environment, they are considering continuing the practice even if current circumstances related to the pandemic should improve. It’s probably safe to say that Remote Desktop as a Service (RDaaS), is just one of several newer technologies that emerged due to the pandemic.


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