Crypto Week Shapes the Internet of the Future

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June 18, 2019
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Crypto Week Shapes the Internet of the Future

In today’s evolution of technology, it’s difficult to imagine what our world would look like without the internet. Most people rely on it on a daily basis. Those of us that work in the tech space, it is part of our livelihood, work life, and even our home life. Like many businesses both in and out of the technology industries, the internet is a crucial piece of running a company, and ultimately, making a living.


Many of you are well aware that the internet serves a much greater purpose than simply a business platform. It provides communication, information, gaming, and more. In the simplest terms, regardless of the particular use, the internet is a means to transfer data. How users choose to use that data is up to them.


Evolution and Upgrades


Over the last few decades, the internet has grown in leaps and bounds. Such enormous growth presents endless challenges, from security to control by government and financial entities. Though the internet experiences massive changes on a seemingly daily basis, the overall structure and foundation of the internet evolve on a much slower timeline and the broad, sweeping changes are somewhat unpredictable. Many of the adjustments made over time have had to do with issues of security and establishing “trust” for hosts and users. Cloudflare, a worldwide cloud network platform, believes that “everyone is entitled to an Internet built on a solid foundation of trust. They have introduced Crypto Week as a “way of helping nudge the Internet’s evolution in a more trust-oriented direction”.
This year they not only explained and outlined current internet protocols and the ways that they relate to modern cryptography. Each day they provided free, informative articles that relate to the internet as we use it today and in the future.


Knowledge is Power


Crypto Week introduced new information from the crypto world that puts internet security at the forefront. They thanked the many dedicated researchers who look deep into the crypto world and work tirelessly to understand the ways in which it operates. Each of us in the tech industry owes these professionals and hobbyists a debt of gratitude. Armed with their important research, we are able to keep your business tech safer and more secure than ever.


At Singularis IT we understand how important internet and network security is for your company. It impacts your daily operations, the satisfaction of your users, the efficiency of your employees, and ultimately, your bottom line. We stay up to date in the latest research and information to ensure that our clients are protected by the strongest security protocols and that their overall business is as convenient and cost-effective as possible. As a premier managed services provider, we understand that our knowledge is not only a benefit to our clients but to the internet as a whole. It is our mission to see the internet evolve in a safe, productive, and trustworthy way. Explore our White-Glove IT services to learn how we utilize knowledge and innovation to build better business IT.