Scale Your Business – Benefits of Utilizing the Cloud

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June 22, 2020
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Scale Your Business – Benefits of Utilizing the Cloud

As business grows, so do security risks. Due to higher transactions and interactions taking place within your network, protection becomes increasingly important to your success. Luckily, there are ways to protect yourself and support the changes that come along with scaling your business. Cloud computing for business growth might be the cyber solution necessary.


Security concerns for platforms at scale


There is a lot at stake when user activity increases within a company and failure is not an option. Cyber attackers have the ability to gain access to malware easily. On top of this, a business in the midst of change and growth tends to be more of an exploitable target for hackers. IBM Security’s 2019 Cost of a Data Breach Report states that the average cost of a data breach for a US company is $7.91 million.

It’s difficult for a growing business to come back from a cyber attack because the customer base is in the process of growing. Financial status may also be a factor because of the many developments taking place in the company. Although these are qualities you will gain with time when scaling, they are not strong yet.


Cloud computing solutions


It’s important to be able to adapt and cultivate your technology capabilities along with your growing number of employees, incoming revenue, and client base. Cloud computing in terms of scalability does just that. It gives you the aptitude to be flexible with your tech. Cloud architecture allows companies to have the opportunity to use space as necessary. Resources can be adjusted based on the changing needs of your business.

There is an ample amount of benefits to utilizing cloud computing for scaling your business.

  • More storage – A growing business means more responsibilities and resources necessary to get the job done. Cloud computing solutions allow for these additional assets and make them easier to access.
  • More power – Weak servers can’t handle the workload of a growing company. There are significant amounts of hardware usage, software usage, and an increased number of workers. Cloud computing solutions will increase power and make workflow more manageable.
  • Increased versatility – The cloud makes it easy to transfer and adapt your work style, which is perfect for a fast-paced business.
  • Better use of time – You spend less time worrying about maintenance of servers and more time on the business itself.

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