The Critical Difference Between Service Providers and Partners

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The Critical Difference Between Service Providers and Partners

You’re running your business, and as you know, that is a massive responsibility. Challenges are inevitable and will surely come your way. Some of these hurdles will be manageable by your in-house team, while others may be just outside the scope of what you are comfortable.


Your own business goals and client expectations should be at the forefront of your work and the last thing you need to do is worry about training staff on a new technology platform or take time out of your busy workday to try to navigate it on your own.


Outside support is essential


Outside support is essential for business growth. Money and time can be saved by looking to the outside for some extra help! Finding the perfect support team can be tricky though. Traditionally, businesses scan for a service provider that could get the job done and go on their way. As technology and business evolve, a stronger bond between business and provider is necessary. In today’s world, business owners are moving from service providers to service partners.


Service Provider vs. Service Partner


Make more of a teammate and be certain you are searching for a partner instead of a provider. What is the difference between the two?


Service Providers –

Oftentimes there is little communication between you and your service provider. There tend to be no real strategic or unique solutions to your complex problems. They have their set way of completing a service and simply get the job done.

Service Partner –

Partners tend to form a more dynamic, long-term relationship with a business. It’s a partner who will actively work to grow and advance alongside you. A partner forms a relationship based on an understanding of your unique services, goals, and clients, and is ready to evolve alongside you. They ask questions and reevaluate their approach as needed.

A service partner should feel like an extension of your team, not like an outsourced provider.


We understand partnerships are vital to your business’s success. That’s why at SingularisIT, our goal is to provide you the best connections in technology and in the industry.


We have a Partner Program in place to help you better serve your clients by aligning our capabilities with your technology needs. Together, we can build your client loyalty and create effective revenue streams. Become a SingularisIT partner today!