Remote Access Technology – Bring Your Office with You

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Remote Access Technology – Bring Your Office with You

We live in a fast-paced world and an even faster-paced work environment. The expectation is that information should be received in real-time. If your clients’ and partners’ requests and requirements are not met instantly, your business can fall behind.


Remote access supports this concept of real-time engagements by allowing businesses to access their workstation from anywhere. They don’t need to wait to be in the office, instead, the office goes with them.


What is remote access


Remote access uses a cloud-based system for all business operations. Businesses can store and run their desktop and applications in the cloud so that users can access their workplace from any connected device. Tasks and employees are easier to manage, secure, and keep up to date.


An interconnected community


Increases in technology have made connectivity essential within the business ecosystem. Not only is business to business connection required, but so is business to client interaction. This fulfills the requirements of real-time communication in a fast-paced work environment. As issues pop up, businesses are now expected to have quick solutions and replies.


While being away from the office, it is difficult to stay up to date with what is occurring in the market or in your inbox when you don’t have access to the data on your desktop. Clients depend on businesses to be reliable, so connectivity contributes to building a trusting and strong business and client relationship.


A secure solution 


Because of this interconnectivity, it is common to see businesses on a shared, online office space. Implementing remote access allows for a greater exchange of business data and services outside of the workplace. Along with increased business efficiency, there is also increased security. That is why it’s important to take steps to better secure and manage your desktops.


There are plenty of ways to prevent risks, including encrypting data, using strong security software, restricting specific access for users, routinely reviewing unusual activity, and testing the system regularly for vulnerabilities.


Fortunately, SingularisIT provides your business with an integrated information system, called CloudStations. Access to this Remote Desktop as a Service provides your business with all of the settings, software, and files that you rely on every day to be successful throughout your workday. It’s also a secure and cost-effective cloud solution for business.


CloudStations ensure that your data is not sent or stored on local computers. but instead remains in a secure, accessible cloud. With the ability to restrict users to save files on their computers and have control over the access to apps, documents, and web browsers, your information is especially safe and convenient. We add new layers of protection to your business and our CloudStations are difficult for viruses to infiltrate.


We are proud that our RDaaS produces the following statistics for users:
  • Hardware capital expenditure is reduced annually.
  • Lowers operating expenditures annually by 56%.
  • Virtual desktops cost up to 2x less than traditional PCs, due to longer life, no local hard disk, and reduced power consumption.
  • SingularisIT allows PAY AS YOU GO and user-based pricing.


Contact us to learn more about how  RDaaS could benefit you and your business.