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January 19, 2018
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January 17, 2019

Disaster Recovery

Not If, but When…

An IT disaster can cripple your business as surely as a fire or flood. Often, natural catastrophes and technological calamities go hand in hand. In today’s computer fueled marketplace, any event that takes your server and network infrastructure out of service can be a paralyzing event.

The question is unavoidable. What will it cost my business if I lose the technology that runs it? Customer and vendor records, accounting and invoicing status, project planning and progress, employee records and payroll, all the vital and sensitive information that will begin to have an impact from the moment it is no longer available.

The financial impact begins immediately, especially if the disaster occurs during a workday, and can run deep and long. It’s far more than an inconvenience; imagine the damage to your company’s reputation if you lose orders, fail to deliver on projects, must delay new work, or make a bad impression on promising new leads?

  • Compromised networks and IT systems may result in regulatory penalties.
  • Downtime and data loss have direct productivity costs for every business.
  • Threats range from viruses, malware, and ransomware to hacking and simple human error.

In 2018 and beyond, the question is “not if, but when…”  Every company should expect some level of damage from a threat to IT infrastructure. A disaster recovery plan has become an essential requirement for modern businesses and organizations.

Business Continuity Solutions

At SingularisIT, we know that every business has different levels of vulnerability and unique strengths and weakness. The same service that you need to have up and running within minutes of a system failure may be a second or third tier concern for another organization.

The good news is that today, disaster recovery options have become robust, flexible, and affordable. One of the most powerful solutions we recommend is Zerto Virtual Replication, a product that, upon its premier, immediately won “Best in Show” at the VMworld 2011 Awards, and has continued to advance its capabilities in the years since.

Working with public cloud services like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and the IBM Cloud, Zerto offers burst capacity response in the event of a disaster, recovering both data and your applications in minutes. As an on-demand, pay-as-you-go system, you pay for the system in use (rather than shouldering the expense of maintaining completely duplicate infrastructures in the event of disaster).

According to Zerto: “Our proactive approach to recovery gives companies the confidence they need to withstand any disaster, easily incorporate new technology, and quickly adapt to accommodate evolving IT and business priorities.”

Zerto’s impressive features include:

  • Data loss of seconds with no snapshots.
  • Rewind and recover to any point-in-time.
  • Total recovery in minutes.
  • Recover files, VMs, applications, and sites.
  • Up to 30 days of Journal retention.
  • Self-service with user initiated recovery.
  • Replicate to multiple targets simultaneously.

Whether your business needs its technology to interface with customers 24/7/365, or your growing systems and services need a scalable disaster recovery service, Zerto could be the right solution for you.