5 Ways IT Services Make Your Business More Competitive

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5 Ways IT Services Make Your Business More Competitive

Today, it is impossible to imagine a business running without computers. Even the smallest types of businesses have a need for them. Computers not only make work easier, they improve productivity and employee output. However, if all the IT work and maintenance is being done in-house, it may slow the pace of work, compromise security, and cost more in time and resources. Outsourcing most of the work to a managed services provider is often the best solution. Here are some of the ways the managed services providers give your company a competitive edge:


Enhanced Productivity


In theory, it sounds great to have employees that are capable of doing multiple tasks with your company. However, focus increases productivity and concentrating on assigned tasks and deadlines keeps the business running smoothly — employees shouldn’t need to think about fixing hardware and software issues. If they weren’t specifically hired to troubleshoot IT issues, then outsourcing to someone focused on this singular task is the best way to go. It makes it possible for employees to spend more time focusing on areas of expertise skills, resulting in better performance for your company.


Simple Scalability


Successful businesses know how to save time by improving internal processes. Depending on your business model, your company probably recruits new employees from time to time. Onboarding new employees can be a tedious process including logins, application access, and security. With a managed services provider and RDaaS (Remote Desktop as a Service), expanding and scaling your business is simplified and employees are provided with access to all necessary applications from anywhere with internet access.


Expert Professionals


While we’re on the subject of growth, let’s address infrastructure. An increase in the size of your company or a business can put stress on your current IT infrastructure and issues can arise. With a managed services provider, you have a team of IT experts at your disposal. They can troubleshoot issues immediately, provide solutions, and design and implement a customized IT plan that is cost-effective and supportive of business growth. Additionally, managed service providers can help you identify trends in the industry. It’s important to know whether there’s any new software or updates. This way, you stay ahead of the game.


Risk Reduction


Any business encounters risk, particularly with cybersecurity. More businesses had to allow employees to work from home in 2020. Almost 20% of companies interviewed reported breaches resulting from remote workers. Managed services providers work not only to prevent attacks and mitigate risk but deal with unfortunate data disasters, reducing downtime and loss of income.


Work With Us


If you are looking for attention to detail and meticulous care, you’ve come to the right place. SingularisIT company offers an array of IT services including, Backup as a Service (BaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Remote Desktop as a Service (RDaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), in addition to managed hosting. Contact us to explore customized, comprehensive IT services for your company.