White-Glove Managed IT

A meticulous approach to service excellence.


With SingularisIT White-Glove Managed IT, you have the flexibility to start with the service that makes the most sense for your organization, and provides the ability to scale as needed. SingularisIT can host all your IT resources in our data centers and manage the entire IT infrastructure, including desktops, servers, networks and more.

Our goal is to provide you solutions, support and service that go above and beyond. Our 24x7x365 availability to handle any unforeseen issues and address any questions sets us apart from the competition. Your business, is our business and we don’t take that lightly!

With many organizations, IT management resources, cost and time can be a black hole and a drain on the company. SingularisIT takes all the responsibility off of your hands. With White-Glove Managed IT, we manage, maintain and support your entire IT infrastructure for a flat monthly fee.


Why White-Glove Managed IT?

  • Response Times – Many issues cannot wait. Our 24x7x365 service ensures that you receive a fast response.
  • Account Management – You will be provided a dedicated account manager.
  • Technical Support and Knowledge – Our team has years of experience on a broad level and can handle any situation that arises.
  • Cost savings – Fixed flat rate fees provide the opportunity to avoid any unexpected IT expenditures in the short and long term.

Singularis CloudStations

A managed desktop service maintained in the cloud.


Singularis CloudStations allows users to easily access their computer’s desktop to work on any application, document, and resource they need with any device of their choosing (desktops, laptops, iPad, etc.). This provides the ability to eliminate the significant investment in continued IT support and software upkeep. There is no longer a need to have a dedicated IT professional managing multiple computers and performing the same task on multiple PCs. Singularis CloudStations offers the ability to scale any number of users at a minimal cost with extreme ease. After a major upgrade is integrated, there is no need to perform any tasks at an employee level—in-house or remote.


Benefits of Singularis CloudStations

Ease of Use –  You no longer have to invest in hardware or installing complicated applications.  We provide an easy way to manage a cloud-based desktop experience to your end-users, implemented and scaled quickly. Singularis manages maintenance of hardware, software, security and patch updates. Deployment of new software, applications, and updates takes minutes instead of days.


Secure Data and Availability – Simply meet compliance and security policy requirements. When using Singularis CloudStations, your organization’s data is not sent to or stored on the end user’s device; it remains in the Singularis Cloud. Securely manage users’ CloudStations to specify configuration options that control the desktop, restrict users’ abilities to use local storage on their devices, and control access to applications, documents and web browsers.

Personal computers in a business environment can be hacked, lost or stolen. Singularis CloudStations addresses this issue quite simply. If there is not sensitive information stored on a local hard drive, or if there is no hard drive at all, there isn’t any data to steal.

While traditional PCs and laptops face the threat of users downloading malicious files and infecting the corporate LAN, the cloud desktop cannot function as a zombie host and it is quite difficult for viruses to infiltrate through remote displays. Therefore, rendering a virtual desktop carries a low risk in terms of security.

Backup and Redundancy – With Singularis CloudStations, organizations can centralize updates at the remote location and benefit from continuous data backup and synchronization, making compliance simple. Singularis IT provides a ready-made disaster recovery (DR) strategy to get desktops up and running quickly after any disaster. Thus, with a remote desktop, you are expanding the reach of your organization by making your employees more mobile and responsive.


Implementing and Managing Software – Singularis CloudStations provides a quick, agile, and secure way to launch and manage applications. These applications run on the Singularis IT instance as though they were installed on the end-users local desktop. Singularis CloudStations provides you the ability to pay as you go, user-based pricing ensures that you only pay for the applications that people use.


Cost Savings – One of the key benefits of virtual desktops, compared to traditional workstations, is that Singularis CloudStations can dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). Desktop as a service can reduce hardware ‘Capital Expenditure (CAPEX)’ annually and reduce the ‘Operating Expenditure (OPEX)’ annually by 56%. On average, a virtual desktop costs 2x less than a traditional PC due to its longer life, an absence of a local hard disk, and reduced power consumption.

Software upgrades and migrations are forcing organizations to look into expensive upgrades of the server, desktop, and laptop. Remote desktop service, on the other hand, enables companies to reuse their existing hardware and extend the life of the investment they have already made.


Want to learn more about how Singularis CloudStation can benefit your company?

Infrastructure as a Service

Leverage the cloud infrastructure confidently with our cloud solutions.


We bring the talent of on-demand IT service professionals to your business.

SingularisIT has created a first-class managed cloud service offering that can be easily be deployed and managed 24×7. Singulairs’ Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provides the necessary cloud hardware, software, servers, storage and other infrastructure components needed to build and support our client’s IT needs. Singularis handles all of the system maintenance, backup and migration planning of the virtual server space, network connections, bandwidth, IP addresses and load balanced technology. IaaS provides our clients the ability to build a customized IT platform solution.

IaaS can be utilized to create a cost effective and effortlessly scalable IT solution where SingulairsIT manages the intricacies and overhead of managing the hardware and software. If a client’s technology requirements fluctuate, or they are seeking to scale, we can tap into our cloud resource as needed, rather than purchase, install and integrate hardware locally.

Disaster Recovery

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail! – Benjamin Franklin


As your organization grows the chance of security threats increase. Downtime is expensive. The cost of downtime could be crippling. How you on-board users, provision services, and protect your network will become more cumbersome and increase cost.

At SingularisIT we optimize performance, network security, and compliance across physical and virtual environments. We make monitoring, security, and compliance a priority. Planning for the worst-case scenario allows us to mitigate the risk.

Even in a worst-case scenario, a total or near-total shutdown of the affected system will be minimal. Your organization will not have to invest in and maintain your own on-site or off-site Data Recovery environment. Our DR plans are flexible, and can be tailored to your specific requirements. You can rely on SingularisIT to implement the plan in the event of a disaster and meet the defined recovery time and recover point objectives.

DRaaS enables the full replication and backup of all data and applications while serving as a secondary infrastructure. It actually becomes the new environment and allows an organization and users to continue with daily business processes while the primary system undergoes repair. DRaaS allows these applications to run on virtual machines (VM) at any time, even without a real disaster. It gives an organization a total system backup that allows for business continuity in the event of system failure, providing you peace of mind!

Backup as a Service

We have your “back” so you can grow your business!


Backup as a Service (BaaS) provides backup and recovery operations from the cloud. SingularisIT maintains necessary backup equipment, applications, process and management in our data center. There is no need to buy backup servers and software, run upgrades and patches, or purchase dedupe appliances.

SingularisIT Backup as a Service (Baas) is a comprehensive, yet simple, and cost-effective local and/or cloud backup and recovery solution that provides clients data protection. Leveraging the power of the Singularis cloud delivers a highly customized and reliable solution that backs up data from any source and recovers to any destination and system. The immediate cost savings will be significant. By offloading backup and recovery operations from legacy systems to SingularisIT you will instantly decrease IT expenditures and save time on maintaining backup hardware, software, infrastructure and staff.


SingularisIT BackCloud is:

  • Quick to deploy
  • Easy to use and simple to manage
  • Reliable and proven technology
  • Cost-effective short and long term

Top Notch Managed Cloud Serivce

Bringing the talent of on-demand IT service professionals to your business.

White Glove Managed IT

With SingularisIT, you can grow as you go. A first-class managed cloud service offering that can be tailored to your business needs.

24/7 Support

Our technical support team is available by phone and e-mail, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer questions and assist in any way we can.

Reliable and Resilient

Develop reliable and resilient applications on the high-performance SingulairsIT cloud infrastructure.

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